• turmeric growing;
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Makunyit di alas.
[example 1]
Turmeric growing in the forest. This is kind of complex. “Temu” is a general class of rhizomes that are used for spices, including ginger, “kunyit”, etc. But, the Balinese do not observe this classification. Their “temu” is a particular rhizome that is used in mixed spices. It has a strong taste, much stronger than “kunyit”. They believe that “temu” is “kunyit” that is growing in the forest. – i.e. that it is really sort of wild “kunyit”(which it is not, but which is not germane to this pun). The point of the pun is that “temu” is similar to “matemu”, meaning “meet someone”. So, if you want to meet someone somewhere, you say it in a “cute” way by saying that you are going to “makunyit di alas”, turmeric growing in the forest, “temu”, “Matemu”.

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