• offer or serve offerings
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Annerie: Ibu, can you tell me what did you do this morning, before you came here?

Ibu: Nyakan, mabanten nasi, nyampat, e..ngae persiapan untuk dagangan. Annerie: Suksma banget, Ibu.

Ibu: Suksma mawali.
Annerie: Madam, can you tell me what you did this morning, before you came here?

Ibu: I cooked rice, made offerings of rice, swept.. prepared things to swell.

Annerie: Thanks very much, Madam.

Ketut Santos Fernandez uli cerik jenek di Lampung. Uling cerik biasa tuturina ane serem-serem teken reramane. Gumi Bali ento tenget, kerana sabilang wai krama Baline jemet mabanten.
[example 1]
Ketut Santos Fernandez has lived in Lampung since he was a child. Since an early age his parents were always telling him about mystical things. The island of Bali is referred to as eery because every day, residents of Bali diligently perform prayers and offerings.

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