l l ;,
  • spread out
  • infectious
  • spicy, "hot" as used in English, meaning the burning taste produced, for example, by chilis
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

jukute lalah bes liunan tabia
[example 1]
No translation exists for this example.

Adane dogen sambel matah! Yaning ‘sing lalah, tusing jaan rasane.
[example 2]
That’s why it’s called raw chili sauce. If it’s not spicy, then it’s not good.

Cara lalah tabiane.
[example 3]
Like the spicy taste of a very hot chili. [proverb] ‘Tabia’ is a small, but very hot chili, or pepper. Its spicy tang happens very suddenly. As soon as you eat it, ‘prejani’. This is said of a person who does something bad.. He may get away with it for the time being. Right away, right now, like the taste of a ‘tabia’, there may be no retribution. But, sooner or later, his ‘pala’ will catch up with his ‘karma’, and he will be punished.

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