• taro
  • succulent plant with enormous heart shaped leaves grown in house yards for the large edible underground stem called a corm. There are two varieties of taro, keladi togog and keladi panyong, known as dasheen and eddoe. Togog / dasheene has with very long corms
  • panyong / eddoe has a smaller central corm surrounded by large, well developed corms, which are the main parts that are harvested. Another remotely related keladi is keladi tingkih, Xanthosoma saggitifolium (Araceae), that has small round tubers.
  • (Araceae)
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Kaledi small.jpg
Buka yehe di don keladine.
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Literally: Like water on a keladi leaf; the top of a keladi is waxy, and water runs off quickly; said about something that one quickly forgets or that doesn't make any difference.

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