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Usage Examples

(Paribasa) Buka capunge makonceng
[example 1]
Literally: Dragon fly taking a bathe. The expression is used to refer to someone bathing with very little water, or sometimes to someone not taking baths frequent; the idea is that dragon flies only stick their tails in the water when bathing, using very little. Expression: ebuka nglawar capunge gedenan biae; literally: emaking lawar out of dragon flies is bigger than the coste; referring to something that is more trouble than it is worth. Expression: ebuka nguber capung emase; literally: elike chasing a golden dragon flye; much effort and little result. Expression: ebuka capunge makoncenge; literally: elike a dragon fly washing its genitalse; meaning a person who goes from one job to another and is not serious about his work

I Nyoman Adi demen pesan ngejuk capung
[example 2]
I Nyoman Adi really likes catching dragonflies.

Getah nangka niki dados anggen ngejuk capung.
The sap of this jackfruit can be used to catch a dragonfly.

[PROVERB] Buka nglawar capunge gedenan beya.
[example 3]
[Literally] Making lawar out of dragon flies is bigger than the cost.

More trouble than it is worth.

The peg is bigger than the post.

[[Word example text ban::[PROVERB] Buka nglawar capunge gedenan beya.| ]]
[PROVERB] Buka nguber capung emase.
[example 4]
[Literally] Like chasing a gold dragon fly. Much effort and little result.

[[Word example text ban::[PROVERB] Buka nguber capung emase.| ]]

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