• Bantes umah ngidaang ngae = I can just (afford to) build a house
  • Bantes daar ngidaang ngalih = I can just (afford to) buy food (but nothing more expensive)
  • just (in the sense of only)
  • Tiang lakar meli montor dogen = I am only going to buy a car (even though i could buy someething more expensive)
  • but cannot always be used to mean only exactly as in English. Bantes means no more (or less) than
  • I Fred dogen = it's only Fred
  • Dogen is used for only, in the sense of no other than
  • rahina Saniscarane dogen = it's only Saturday
  • for example, Bantes montor ngidayang meli = I can just buy a car (but nothing more (expensive)
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Usage Examples

Bantes nenem maan ngalih.
I can just get six of them (and no more, because I don't have enough money).

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In Balinese:   Bantes Benaru aukud elah baan kola ngitungang”.

In English:  

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