• head cloth worn by men
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Udeng utawi destar pinaka ceciren krama Bali lan krama magama Hindu di Bali. Udeng kaanggen rikala ngayah adat lan ka pura. Udeng malecir kaanggen olih krama biasa, udeng masongko ceciren pamangku.
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An udeng (Balinese) or destar (Indonesian) is a distinctive feature of Balinese people and of those Balinese whose religion is Hindu. An udeng is worn when undertaking volunteer work (ngayah) for the benefit of the community or when going to a temple. An udeng with its front part protruding is worn by ordinary people while an udeng in the shape of a turban is worn by pamangku (priests in the temple ... not priests from the Brahman caste).

  1. Made Sugianto