• kind of jaja made from a medium stiff dough of tepung baas, kanji, and a little salt, plus water which is steamed for about 10 minutes. The dough is colored green with kesumba ijo. A mold is needed. It is a piece of bamboo culm (cylindrical stem), 3 cm. in diameter and about 40 cm. long, split longitudinally to make a half cylinder. A piece of banana leaf 24 x 6 cm. is use to line the concavity of the bamboo mold. A bit of flour is put on the bamboo leaf liner. The dough is made into spheres about 2 cm. in diameter. The ball of dough is placed at the top of the mold when held at an angle. The right thumb, pointing upward, is placed over the dough ball, and the thumb pulled downward, exerting just enough pressure on
  • dry throat; huskiness
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Sira kémanten dados ngolah daun kayu manis anggén loloh, anggén nambanin kolongan (seret) sané serak mangda lebih seger, dagingin tasik miwah (peresan) juuk lengis.
[example 1]
Anyone can cultivate star gooseberry leaf into herbal medicine to treat a sore throat: so it feels fresher, add salt and lime juice.

SERET : Tiang madan kayu manis, akah kanti don tis, yen ada rare seret, jemak don tiange anggon loloh, campur, bawang, santen (Bahasa Jawa Kuno: Titiang mawasta taru manis, akah rauh daun tis, yan hana wong rare sakit sêrêt, ambil daun titiang anggen loloh, ra, bawang, santên..)
[example 2]
HOARSENESS: My name is Star Gooseberry (Sauropus androgynus) tree. I possess a cooling effect from roots to leaves. If somebody (especially babies) comes down with hoarseness, my leaves can be used as an herb, mix it with shallot (Allium cepa fa ascalonicum) and coconut milk.

SERET : Munyin tiange serak liu anake ngorahin naar loloh kayu manis ane lakarnne aji don kayu manis miwah juuk nipis.
[example 3]
HOARSENESS: Many people told me to drink Star Gooseberry (Sauropus androgynus) leaves herb mix, which is made from Star Gooseberry leaves and key lime (Citrus aurantifolia).

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