• smell of burning hair, burning garbage
  • smelly, any very bad smell
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Pengit-pengitan sera, gede gunan.
Literally: 'Sera has a very bad small but it has a big use'; refers to something or someone that has a bad appearance, but nevertheless is good or useful or important.

Yen alih aji potongan, ia mula tusing cara model. Keto masih kulitne masawang selem. Sakewala yen suba magae, Ia cager maimbuh jujur. Buka pengit-pengitan serane, gede gunane.
[example 1]
If we look at her appearance, for sure she doesn't look like a model. Her skin is rather dark as well. However, when she works, she is reliable and honest. As people say, shrimp paste smells awful but very useful.

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