• opposite of cooked
  • uncooked raw, unripe
  • anything that is not cooked
  • different from English in that there is no implication that the object could or ever will be cooked
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Ha ha, nggih suksma, Beli. Tiang lakar ngae be siap masisit sareng sambel matah lan taluh mabasa genep.
[example 1]
Ha ha, yes, thank you, Brother. I am about to make shredded chicken with Balinese raw chili sauce and egg with Balinese seasoning.

Screenshot 2017-11-14-00-00-08-1.png
Ne ngae tiang iseng melali ke Bali inggih punika ngajeng sambel matah
[example 2]
No translation exists for this example.

Buka naar bene matah.
[example 3]
Literally: Like eating raw fish.

Raw fish is smelly, and one would have to force himself to do this. The word is “ngalawanin” from “lawan”, contrast.

This refers to a person who tries to do something very hard that he does not like to do, but has to do it anyway. It is used especially with reference to a man who does not like his wife very much, but he has to live with her, and so he must make an effort to get along with her. It is also used with respect to having to eat food that one does not like.

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