• unwillingness not wanting to do something again because of previous bad experience, be cured, not do wrong thing again, afraid, discouraged, memory of something bad that happened in the past which causes a person to avoid the same situation again
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Tiang kapok kena lateng.
I had a bad experience when I was bitten by a jellyfish (and don't want that to happen again).

⚙ Automatically collected usage examples

In Balinese:   Tiang kapok, tiang kapok!”

In English:   I Sugih immediately headed to I Tiwas’s house, then said like this, "Eh Tiwas, I got a louse.

In Indonesian:   I Sugih segera menuju ke rumah I Tiwas, lalu berkata seperti ini, “Eh Tiwas, ini aku mendapatkan kutu satu.

In Balinese:   Tiang kapok, tiang kapok!”

In English:   Many people didn't like I Sugih.

In Indonesian:   Banyak orang tidak menyukainya.