er eY*ÿ.
  • An instrument used in Balinese gamelan music (Noun)
  • one of the traditional Balinese gamelan shaped like small canang, smaller than the 'trompong' gamelan in number 12 lined up above the gamelan frame itself and played by hitting using a wooden stick called 'panggul'. (Noun)
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Putu ngelapin reong di banjar
No translation exists for this example.

Madé : “Pa, ajahin tiang magambel Pa ! “

Bapa (ayah) : “Nah, gambelan apa nagih pelajahin Dé ?” Madé : “Ené Pa, ené koné ané madan trompong ?”

Bapa (ayah) “Ento reong adane !”
Madé: “Dad, teach me to play traditional gamelan instruments! "

Father : "Yeah, what instrument do you want to learn Dé?" Madé: "This one, Dad , is this what is called 'trompong'?"

Father : "That's called réong!"