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Peteng dedet

peteng dedet

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  • pitch black (Noun) en
  • gelap gulita; suatu keadaan tanpa cahaya sama sekali; gelap pekat (Adjective) id
Peteng Dedet
Peteng Dedet
Alus sor
Alus mider
Alus madya
Alus singgih
Bali dataran dialect
Bali aga dialect

Usage Examples

Saget gumine suba peteng dedet. Luh Ayu Manik lan Putu Nita suba pada majanji lakar mabalih ogoh-ogoh ka marga gedene. Ngenggalang Luh Ayu Manik mapayas lan makamen lantas ngalih Putu Nita jumahne. Neked di margane, saget suba rame anake mabalih ogoh-ogoh. Ngon lan jejeh ajaka dadua nepukin ogoh-ogoh ane gobane aeng-aeng cara raksasa, macaling renggah, mabok gumbrang-gambring, lan makuku lantang-lantang. Saja mirib goba aeng ogoh-ogohe ento bisa ngaenang sarwa butane jejeh. Keto masih suryak-suryak truna-trunane marasa liang ritatkala negen ogoh-ogohe, ane katimpalin baan munyin gamelan blaganjure.
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The day became night. Luh Ayu Manik and Putu Nita made a promise that they would watch the ogoh-ogoh on the main road. Luh Ayu Manik quickly put on makeup and got dressed in a sarong and then went to Putu Nita’s house to meet her. When they got to the main road, there were already a lot of people there wanting to see the ogoh-ogoh. They were amazed but also frightened to see the ogoh-ogoh which looked sinister like giants with long, pointed tusks, messy hair and long nails. Maybe it's true that those scary faces of the ogoh-ogoh can make evil spirits afraid. And the cheers of the young people who were happy carrying the ogoh-ogoh were accompanied by the sounds of gamelan.

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