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  • stand up, build (Verb)
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Wayan nyujukan jan ring umah ne
wayan standing stair in the his home

⚙ Usage examples pulled from the Virtual Dictionary

In Balinese:   Raja Ubud mapica tegak marupa tanah majeng ring Blanco kaanggen nyujukang umah tur studionyané magenah ring campuhan, Ubud, nepek ring campuhan tukad.

In English:   The King of Ubud gave Blanco a piece of land to set up his home and studio in Campuan, Ubud, at the confluence of two sacred rivers.

In Indonesian:   Raja Ubud memberi sepetak tanah kepada Blanco untuk mendirikan rumah dan studionya di Campuan, Ubud, pada pertemuan dua sungai suci.

In Balinese:   Krama Baline nyadin indike tan dados macek-macekan utawi nyujukang paguan ring rahina Kajeng Kliwon.

In English:   Kajeng means ‘sharp’, and the Balinese believe that one should not do any nailing activities or fencing activitities.

In Indonesian: