• water something (Verb)
  • add water to something, sprinkle with water, throw water on something (Verb)
  • water plants, irrigate (Verb)
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

ibu nyiam entik - entikan aji yeh
mother watering plant with water

Tuan Keran, nyidangke ngemang tiang ngidih yeh abedik? Ene, aba suba di wadah panyiaman entikane. Jani nyidang suba ragane nyiam entik-entikan.
[example 1]
Mr. Faucet, can you give me a little water? Here, bring it to your watering can. Now you can water your plants.

Aduh...! Belin tiange nyiam bajun tiange nganggo kembengan yeh!
[example 2]
Yuck! My brother splashed me with a puddle!

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