• Jackfruit (Artocarpus integra) is a large tree that grow in tropical region and serves as food, traditional medicine, and building materials.
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Usage Examples

Titiang taru nangka, daging nyem, akah nyem, engket putih, babakan titiang dumalada. Titiang dados anggen tamba ngenyeb. Ambil don titiang sane nguda tigang besik, raris kacampur mica solas besik, kaurap ring uluati.
[example 1]
I am the Jackfruit tree. The content of the substances is cold, the sap is white, the bark of my stem is medium. I can be used as a medicine for nausea. Take three pieces of the leaves and mixed with eleven pepper, then applied as topical ('uwap') to the pit of the stomach.

Memen tiange tuni megapgapan nangka teka uli peken.
My mother brought me a Jackfruit as a small gift from the market.

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