• on the back
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Usage Examples

Belog-belog magandong.
[example 1]
PROVERB: If a person is "belog-belog magandong" he pretends he doesn't know anything, whereas he actually does. He does this for selfish reasons, because he hopes that others, seeing his stupidity, will pity him and give him what he wants. The idea is that he is carried on the backs of others because of his pretended stupidity - i.e., they help him by, so to speak, carrying him on their backs.

Apa anak magandong ancrog-ancrog ane ngandong ngoyong? Anak menek punyan nyuh.
[example 2]
What is it that moves up and down when carried on someone’s back, but when the person who does the carrying does not move? Person climbing a coconut tree. [riddle]

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In Balinese:   Gelisang satua enggal, majalan kone ajaka dadua ngliwatin tukad cengcenge, I Lutung magandong ditundun I Kekuane.

In English:  

In Indonesian:   Kamu kan pintar berenang, kalau anda takut, ayo kesana bersama.
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