• it is not sewed into a tube, but it worn wrapped around the waist - counterclockwise for men, clockwise for women
  • the standard cloth used by both men and women to wrap around the waist as a kind of skirt
  • cloth is usually 2 1/2 meters long and 100 to 110 cm. wide, made of endek or batik
kamben; kamen
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Annerie: Bu, bisa menjelaskan pakaian Ibu dalam bahasa Bali?

Ibu: Bisa. Nganggon baju, nganggon senteng, nganggon kamben.

Annerie: Suksma banget.
Annerie: Madam, can you explain your clothing in Balinese?

Iub: Yes, I can. I'm wearing a shirt, I'm wearing a scarf, and I'm wearing a waist cloth.

Annerie: Thank you very much.