• it is never eaten alone as a fruit
  • the juice is often diluted quite a bit with hot water and drunk with a meal
  • its skin is smooth, in contrast to the warty surface of juuk purut
  • it is sometimes referred to as a lemon or lime when tourists ask, but it is neither
  • lime (Rutaceae)
  • it is the citrus that is squeezed on the breakfast papaya or in the iced tea, or mixed with the vodka in restaurants and hotels
  • sour lime
  • orange peres, meaning to squeeze
  • small, green citrus fruit, about 2 - 3 cm. in diameter, the sour juice of which is used as a spice
  • many of these oranges are sour and considerable amounts of sugar are added to the juice
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Yening sai megadang, juuk nipis inem apang nenten lemes.
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Junk Nipis dadi anggon ubad amandel.
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