• round clay bowl or jug about 13x13 cm., often used for holy water in a shrine
  • jar made of red clay
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Buka nyuun june misi yeh, dibekne degdeg, diembuhne nglencoke.
Lliterally: Like carrying a jun ful of water, if it is full it is steady, if not full, the water splashes around; refers to a person who is easy going, but who gets mad when he doesn't get enough to eat.

Tuan Keran, nyidangke ngemaang tiang ngidih yeh abedik? Ene, aba suba aba ka jun ragane. Jani nyidang suba ragane ngae dedaaran.
[example 1]
Mr. Faucet, can you give me a little water? Here, bring it in your jar. Now you can cook food.

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