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Buin Manine

buin Manine

  • the next day; tomorrow; the day after that day (Noun) en
  • keesokan harinya; besoknya; setelah hari itu (Noun) id
Buin Manine
Buin Manine
Alus sor
Alus mider
Alus madya
Alus singgih
Bali dataran dialect
Bali aga dialect

Usage Examples

Buin manine, neked di sekolahan Luh Ayu Manik lantas nuju ruang kelas. Ditu ia mapapasan teken gurune, Pak Budiadnyana. "Om Suastiastu, Pak," Luh Ayu Manik nyapatin gurune. "Om Suastiastu, Luh. Kenapa, Luh?" Pak Budi nyautin sinambi matakon. "Pak, tiang jagi mataken indik plastik. Ibi tiang nepukin di tipine, wenten iklan sane ngorahin apang iraga nguangin kone nika nganggon plastik, napi sane makada, Pak?" "Oh kene, Luh, anak jani mula pemerintahe ngorahin apang iraga nunain nganggon plastik utawi kresek. Krana plastik totonan yen kakutang ngawag bisa ngaenang jagate cemer, bene di pasihe masi cemer, lan plastik keweh nyag. Tusing cara don kayu ane enggal nyag," keto Pak Budi nlatarang.
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The next day, when she arrived at school, Luh Ayu Manik headed straight for her classroom. On the way, she ran into her teacher, Pak Budiadnyana. Luh Ayu Manik greeted her teacher: "Om Suastiastu, sir.” "Om Suastiastu, Luh,” Pak Budi replied and asked: “What’s up, Luh?” "Sir, I want to ask you about plastic. Yesterday I saw an ad on TV that stated we should reduce the use of plastic. Why is that, sir?" "Oh, it’s like this, Luh. Right now the Government is calling on us to reduce the use of plastic and plastic bags. This is because plastic, if dumped thoughtlessly, can pollute the environment, poison the fish in the ocean and it takes a long time to decompose. This is unlike the leaves of trees that break down quickly." explained Pak Budi.

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