• sweet smelling yellow-tan powder made of perfumed sawdust, mixed into a paste with water and used on canang and other offerings, and sometimes smeared beehind the ear as a kind of deodorant
  • sometimes called uras
  • medicine: external
  • the sawdust is supposed to be sandalwood, but, because of the expense of real sandalwood, it usually is something cheaper
  • general word for any sort of traditional medicine that is used externally
  • security, guarantee, warranty, collateral
  • uap is a special kind of medicine that is used as a poultice on the stomach
  • powder fragrant
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Ia maboreh kayue.
Literally: He is putting boreh on woode; a rather far-fetched pun that means that a person has been fired from his job, because putting boreh on wood is like painting wood, macat, and the word for being fired from a job is mapecat.