Arta brana

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Arta brana
Arta brana
Arta brana
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Men Sugih mapi-mapi ngemaang tulung marupa baas teken Men Tiwas. Nanging, disubane Men Tiwas nyak ngidih, baasne tagiha aji arta brana ane ajine luihan teken baas. Sajaan Men Sugih, olas papa.
[example 1]
Men Sugih ontensibly helped Men Tiwas by giving her some rice. But when Men Tiwas received the rice, Men Sugih would ask for something in return which cost more than the rice. Men Sugih is really "olas papa" (helping with mean intension, refers to a person who pities someone else and offers to help him and then takes advantage of that person).

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  1. Fred Eiseman