• rice knife (Noun)
  • knife used to cut traditional rice (padi Bali or padi gaga). It consists of a vertical stick about 16 cm. long, tapered to a point at the top, attached to the back of a crescent-shaped horizontal wooden frame. The frame holds a thin steel blade, about 10 cm. long and 4 cm. wide. The tool is held by grasping the stock with the fingers of the right hand, two fingers and thumb above the blade, two fingers below. Rice stalk is cut by holding with left hand against the blade and grasping it with right thumb and two fingers. By twisting the right wrist slightly, the blade cuts the stalk, which is then grasped by the left hand and put into a bundle. (Noun)
Northern Form
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Usage Examples

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Tiang nulungin mémé manyi nganggon anggapan.
I helped my mother harvest rice using 'anggapan' (special knife for harvesting rice)

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