• on top; the highest (Adverb)
Paling luur
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Lantas ajaka telu bareng-bareng mamaca ensiklopedia ento. Suba pragat baana mamaca bukune ento, makita lantas I Wayan nyemak buku len ane ada duur rak ane paling siduur. Bukune ento suba daki, buina usak brengbeng. Ngenah sajan bukune ento tusing taen apikanga. Makita lantas Luh Ayu Manik lan timpal-timpalne mamaca bukune ento. Mara kebit-kebitanga bukune ento misi gambaran ane aeng lan misi rerajahan. Jejeh ajaka papat mamaca bukune ento.
[example 1]
They all sat down and read the encyclopedia together. After finishing with that book, I Wayan reached for another book from the highest shelf. The book was covered in dust and tattered and clearly had never been looked after. Luh Ayu Manik and her friends all wanted to look inside it. But when they opened it, they saw that it contained scary images and sacred writings in Balinese script. They were too scared to read that book.

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