• rujak kuah pindang uses salty water in which fish has been boiled
  • tabia and don salam is added, and gula pasir can be added if desired. A Javanese dish usually not available in villages.
  • a snack made from slices of crisp, unripe fruit served with a sweet and sour sauce, often accompanied by tahu, tempe, cartilage and meat from the nostrils and ears of cattle. Rujak gula uses liquid is made from sera, tabia, and gula barak
  • rujak kuwud contains long strips of the meat of kuwud made with a pangukuran, the liquid being yeh kuwud, gula barak, sera, and uyah
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Niki mawasta taru blimbing. Taru puniki, buahne dados anggen rujak.
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