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  • scare; afraid

afraid quiet scare; afraid (Adjective)

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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Kocapan, daweg Ida madeg ratu, nénten wénten sané purun ngrabéda jagat. Makasami panjaknyané rahayu. Rep satruné makasami santukan Ida kalintang wisésa. Makasami meseh Idané ngandap kasor.
People said that wheb he became king, no one dared to disturb the territory. All people are prosperous. All enemies are afraid because he is very powerful. All of his enemies surrender respectfully.

Ring désan titiangé, yening sampun jam dasa wengi ,marginé sampun rep tan pakrisikan.
In my village, if it's 10 o'clock at night, the road is quiet, nothing moves or passes.

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