• the body is a river that flows from the mountains to the sea
  • along its route are the products of the harvest, tied to the pole
  • at the foot of the pole is a temporary shrine. On the day before Galungan, Panampahan Galungan, every family is supposed to erect a penjor just outside his front gate. Each village or area has a distinctive style.
  • Decorated whole bamboo pole with flowers and agricultural produce which are stuck in front of a house or a temple during an important religious ceremony
  • offering consisting of a bamboo pole with decorations
  • the arched top represents Gunung Agung
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Cara penjor: ane leser matanem, ane lengkong mapayasin.
Literally: Like a penjor, the straight part is buried, the crooked part is decorated; refers to something that looks bad, but may have a hidden good characteristic.

Q: Om Swastiastu. Hari ini ..e.. wenten semeton dari Bali ke Amerika makarya penjor. Kanggeang, apa adanya. Pak Gusti niki.. dari Bona?

A: Niki ampun puput niki. Q: Nggih A: Kanggeang. Sawentene

Q: Nggih.
[example 1]
Q; Om Swastiastu. Today... err... a fellow Balinese has come to America to make a penjor. Do take it as it is, we have to do with a lot of things here. Here is Mr. Gusti... who comes from Bona.

A: I'm already finished here. Q: I see. A: Please don't be offended with the result. We have to do with whatever we can find here.

Q: I understand.

⚙ Automatically collected usage examples

In Balinese:   Duaning punika, pamerintah sinareng para pamucuk agamane sampun nombang kramane nganggen lelakaran aprani anggen lakar penjor.

In English:   This is a good milestone to save the environment.

In Indonesian:   Ini adalah sebuah langkah yang baik untuk menjaga alam.

In Balinese:   Ring rahina puniki, sami penjore kapralina lan kageseng (dados cingakin indik penjor ring entri Galungan).

In English:  

In Indonesian:  

In Balinese:   Manut tattwa, penjor kaanggen ritatkala galungan patutne malakar antuk raremahan prani.

In English:   Pegatwakan day falls 35 days after Galungan.

In Indonesian:   Hari raya ini jatuh 35 hari setelah Galungan.
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