• slightly mentally unbalanced, eccentric
  • feeling blah, without energy, tasteless, unseasoned (relating to an individual), unheated (said of water)
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Keto ba yen matakon ken jlema nyem, payu maan pasaut ane sriat-sriut.
[example 1]
They realize that that kind of comment always comes when a question is asked to crazy people like I Putu.

Yen suba lebeng taluhe, angkid, lantas mem di waskome ane misi yeh nyem. Suud keto mara telahang kulit taluhe.
[example 2]
After they're done, remove them, and then soak them in a basin that is full of tepid water. After that, remove the skin from egg.

PROVERB: Daging apine nyem.
[example 3]
Sickness because of fire. People who are sellers and who cook food over the fire a great deal are often sick because of being near he fire a lot. Said about the possibility of his mother's starting a "rice" selling business, in which she would have to cook a lot.

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