Ngidih gae

  • literally ask for work, an occasion when a family sends a representative to the home of someone who is putting on a wedding ceremony so that this representative can be asked to bring some sort of foods or offerings to the ceremony
  • and help with preparations. The term implies that the representative is asking for work, but actually it is the family organizing the ceremony that asks the representative to do the work. Ngidih gae is only used in connection with a wedding ceremony. Friends and family do go to help with the preparations at other ceremonies, but there is no ngidih gae. Helping with the preparations for a ceremony is called majenukan The term ngidih gae can also be used to mean simply ask for or look for a job.
ngidih gae
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Sawireh I Putu nganggur kari mangkin, I Putu ngidih gae sareng Pamanne
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