• with half closed eyes looking sleepy, dull or stupid
  • apparently very little life
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Liep-liep lalipi gadang, mara enjekin ngutil.
[example 1]
A green snake with half-closed eyes; if you step on it, it will bite you. [proverb] Liep-liep means with eyes half closed, looking sleepy or dull, or stupid. This is said of someone who looks very stupid, but, if you talk to him you will discover that he knows a great deal about everything.

Liep-liep baleman sambuk; mara upinin ngrepet.
[example 2]
Glowing charcoal that is almost out; if you blow on it it will make a crackling noise and light up. [proverb] Liep-liep means dull or with apparently very little life. If you blow on glowing charcoal, it will blaze up into a fire. Said of someone who does not talk much usually. But, if you talk to him and start him going, he will keep on talking without stopping. This expression is also used to refer to a person who looks calm and shy, but who really is not; and when nobody is looking he “blows on himself” and flames up into a person who does talk a lot and is more extroverted.

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