• receding hairline; alopecia, balding head, especially when the hair loss starts from the forehead.
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

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Panel 2: No, it's okay. I still got a lot of hair. It's not balding.*Denial*

Panel 3: *profanity* Why is this happening to my hair? Why not Dogler's? What did I do wrong? *profanity* Panel 4: They say that if I rub it with monitor lizard oil, it will grow back like duckling's fur. I wonder if it's true. *Bargaining* Panel 5 : There goes my charm... I had been a handsome man. *Depression*

Panel 6: Turns out I am still a hunk after all... I look like Jude Law a little... For I am handsome, my baldness is forgiven. *Acceptance*

PROVERB: Da mikir bes keras; nyanan lengar baana enggal.
[example 2]
PROVERB: Don't think too hard; later you will get bald quickly.

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Yen Cang sing teka, amplase lengare.
[example 3]
If I don't show up, he's going to smack clean my bald forehead (lit: If I don't show up, he's going to scrub my bald forehead using sandpaper).

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