• large open framework of bamboo strips upon which jaja and other objects are dried in the sun; texture may be very coarse, with thick strips of bamboo, or very fine, with thin strips; usually used for nyemuh, drying things under the sun; also used to make a temporary shrine, sanggah cucuk, in the form of a triangular prism made of three klakat, tied together and mounted on a pole. Sometimes kelakat, kelatlat or kalakat. (Mider) (Noun)
Alus sor
Alus mider
Alus madya
Alus singgih
Bali dataran dialect
Bali aga dialect

Usage Examples

Guna: Napi manten gegaene sawai-wai, Bu? Nyoman: Tiang sehari-harine ngae klakat.
Guna: What are the daily work, ma'am? Nyoman: I daily make klakat.

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Tiang ngae klakat sudamala.
I made klakat sudamala.

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