• also refers just to the inside or hearth of this stove
  • also is used to refer to the forge of a Pande
  • stove
  • traditional Balinese wood stove with three holes on top
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Buka cicing medemin jalikan paone; kudu-kudu anget bulunne lilig.
[example 1]
Like a dog sleeping in a stove; his body is warm, but his fur falls out. [proverb] Said of a man who likes to go out with a woman and make love to her often. He will be happy (warm), but, by the time he gets married, he will not have any money left, because women spend money very quickly. Also said if such a man never gets married, because he doesn’t have any money left after going out with women a great deal. In both cases the man enjoyed himself while spending the money. Jalikan is the word for the inside of an old-fashioned clay stove. The stove itself is called paon, whence the usual word for kitchen, paon. The inside of the stove is the jalikan. The prapen is the base of the stove.

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