• "For decoration of temples (lamak), pavillions and houses for ceremonies and festive days – can be from gold printed perada or hand embroidered from Negara (Jembrana) or Buleleng (Singaraja)" (Mider) (Noun)
Alus sor
Alus mider
Alus madya
Alus singgih
Bali dataran dialect
Bali aga dialect

Usage Examples

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Nyangra Rahina Galungan lan Kuningan sanggahe mahias anggen ider-ider
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The textiles shown here were produced in the Palace of Buleleng and some in Jembrana Regency between 1890 and 1920 by noblewomen and were restricted to the nobility.

Tiang meli ider-ider mawarna barak.
I bought a red 'ider-ider'.

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