• swish, roll
Northern Form

Usage Examples

Pianakne enu cerik suba dueg ngegol.

Orain jogede ngegol, pang demen padana mabalih!

Egol-egol ikuh celeng (peri bahasa)
[example 1]
e, literally: swishing like the tail of a pig; said about a person who, at first glance appears to be generous and tolerant, but who is actually very stingy

Egol-egol ikuh celeng.
[example 2]

Very flexible, like the tail of a pig.

This does not refer to movement, such as flexibility in dancing. It refers to behavior. The tail of a pig is very easy to wiggle from side to side, but is is very difficult to pull it out. Suppose a man wants to marry awoman, but the woman does not wnat to marry him and want to avoid marriage. Or suppose someone want to borrow money from sonemone and that person does not want to lend the money. In each case the person of whom the favor is asked says somethng nice in order to avoid the unpleasant results. I.e. this person wiggles out of the situation by being flexible.

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