• bottom is an open saud besik weave (one over, one under)
  • bottom members are bent upwards as ribs for the sides, and sides are completed by spiraling a long, thin bamboo strip over and under adjacent ribs. The word dungki is sometimes used to refer to a very large basket used to store salt. It is also used as a counter word for dungki full of fish in a jukung. Top of dungki is open. Dedungkian is similarly constructed only smaller and has a top with a small opening into which fish may be thrust. It is used as a container for fish, worn on a belt at the waist in back by fishermen who employ throwing nets (jala).
  • large bamboo basket used to carry fishing nets or fish
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Pencar kerep, dungki langah
Small mesh net, large mesh basket = go to a lot of trouble to get something, but do not put it in a safe place. Basically, this saying, and many others similar to it, means that you get a lot of money, but you spend a lot of money as well. Often said by someone who does not keep careful account of his money and does not realize that he is spending it very quickly.

Tiang juru pencar, di arep tiange dungki.
[example 1]
I’m a fisherman, in front of me is my fish basket.

  1. Emoni Bali