Lempad of Bali -The Illuminating Line (Edisi Bahasa Indonesia)

Lempad of Bali - Carpenter, Darling, Hinzler, McGowan, Vickers, Widagdo.JPG
Lempad of Bali -The Illuminating Line (Edisi Bahasa Indonesia)
  • I Gusti Nyoman Lempad
Yayasan Titian Bali
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  • Art
  • architecture
  • history
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                  Essays on the life and works of I Gusti Nyoman Lempad.

                  "The works represented in The Illuminating Line, which is in fact a catalogue raisonné to accompany one of the most important exhibitions of Lempad’s art, are all of outstanding beauty and power. There is a satisfying consistency of quality and inspiration throughout this tome that is almost overpowering. And my hat is off to Editions Didier Millet for the excellent production values that went into this publication. Then there are the authors – all leading scholars in their fields – who undoubtedly did more than simply write their texts. It is impossible to imagine such a group of experts not significantly contributing ideas and inspiration to this project...."