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Katemu Ring Tampak Siring

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Katemu Ring Tampak Siring
Original language
    Yayasan Bali Anyar
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    • cerita pendek
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    Yayasan Bali Anyar
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            “Katemu ring Tampaksiring” (Meeting in Tampak Siring) was written by I Made Sanggra (1926-2007) and published in a collection of Balinese short stories with the same title. This short story was inspired by Queen Juliana's visit to Indonesia in 1971. When visiting Bali, the Queen stayed at Tampaksiring Palace, in the village which later became the setting of the story. In that story a Dutch journalist who reported the visit of Queen Juliana was told. This reporter fell in love with a souvenir selling girl in Tampaksiring. At the end of the story, it was revealed that the Dutch journalist and the Balinese girl were actually siblings, from a Balinese woman with a Dutch sergeant from the revolutionary period. After recognition of Indonesian sovereignty, the couple divorced, one son orphaned in the Netherlands became a journalist, another one is a woman, born later in Bali without the father. This story is about the journalist who tries to find his true identity, and the identity of his younger sister in Bali. The meeting of the brother, the sister, and the mother was very touching. This story is very popular in Bali. It was used as a reading material in high school in the 1970s, reprinted in the 1980s, and translated into Indonesian and English in 2004. In 2015, this short story was adopted to an Arja dance drama at the Bali Arts Festival.