• large coconut shell container with narrow opening and top, equipped with string for hanging
  • formerly used for storing drinking water.
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Beruk takil.
Meaning an empty coconut shell wrapped up in areca palm leaf sheath, referring to making a big fuss about a small matter, since there is no point in wrapping an empty container with something else.

Buka beruke celebang / silemang.
[example 1]
Like a coconut shell put under the water. A “beruk” is a coconut shell container with an opening on top. When you submerge it, the air bubbles out, making the sound krabuk-krubuk. This is said of a person who is drowning. “Silemang”, from “silem”, means to dive, sink, go under water.

No translation exists for this example.

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