Segehan Satus Kutus

  • one type of offerings in religious ceremonies in Bali (offering the smallest sacrifice, which among others contains as much as 108 pieces of rice) (Noun)
  • "segehan" means offerings of rice and side dishes put down at entrance of house compound and other places for butakala, meanwhile "satus kutus" means 108 (Noun)
Segehan Satus Kutus
Segehan Satus Kutus
Segehan Satus Kutus
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Matan aine jani suba nyrendeng kauh lan gumine suba sandia kala. Para kramane inceg ngaturang caru lan segehan satus kutus. Lantas maobor-obor nganggo danyuh matunjel lan munyiang suara-suara sada uyut. Makejang ento ilehanga di kamar-kamare kanti ka karang umahe. Keto masih di jumahne Luh Ayu Manik lan Putu Nita. Inceg ia ajaka dadua nulungin memenne.
[example 1]
The sun was already low in the Western sky and the day was turning into night. The Balinese Hindus were busy putting out caru and satus kutus offerings (the smallest of the offerings which contain rice and number 108) around their homes. Then they lit fires using dried coconut leaves and played various musical instruments so that it was quite noisy.