Pati Purug

  • splatter; (out) scattered here and there; walking (going, running, and so on) rollicking (at the same time and so on) (Verb)
Pati Purug
Pati Purug
Pati Purug
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Suba lantas nyansan peteng, makejang ogoh-ogohe suba pada malipetan. Di margane masih suba langah anake majalan. Sedeng Luh Ayu Manik lan Putu Nita majalan mulih, ditu ajaka dadua makesiab nepukin truna-trunane ane tunian negak lan ngojog bale angklunge saget pati purug malaib, sada gelar-gelur jejeh tur ngidih tulung. “Tulung-tulung …” Keto Wayan kraik-kraik. Gumine sipeng tusing ada ane mentas. “Ada ogoh-ogoh bisa majalan. Tekane uli tlabahe! Gobane aeng, awakne makejang malakar aji plastik,” keto Made masih kraik-kraik.
[example 1]
The sky was getting darker and all the ogoh-ogoh had gone back to where they came from. The streets were becoming deserted. Luh Ayu Manik and Putu Nita were on their way home when they were startled to see the young men, who earlier had been sitting around in the bale angklung, running all over the place, screaming in fear and calling for help.

"Help … help,” Wayan shouted. At that time of night the village was very quiet and nobody was in the street.

"There is an ogoh-ogoh that can walk. It came from the river. Its face is scary and its body is made entirely of plastic,” shouted Made.

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