• Large tree that produces fruit similar to mango; but with a turpentine smell and sour taste.
  • May be eaten raw, if ripe; but more commonly used when making rujak, q.v
  • Bachan or horse mango (Mangifera foetida) is a big fruit-bearing tree that grows to a height of 10-30 meters.
  • Tree (Anacardiaceae)
  • Bachang, horse mango
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Titiang mawasta taru pakel, daging ring babakan panes, engketnyane barak tur panes. Akah rauh ring don dayuh, titiang dados kaanggen nuba beling. Buah pakel kacampur mica gundil, pamor bubuk, raris ulig dekdekang, kasaring raris kainum.
[example 1]
I am the Pakel tree (Mangifera foetida or Horse Mango). My substance and my bark are hot and my red sap is also hot. I am cold from my roots to my leaves. I can be used to bring about an abortion. Mix me with white pepper and lime, grind the mixture finely and then consume it.

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