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Satua I Berit Kuning “Cening jani suud di puri masidikara ajak aji. Uud jani cening di puri, makaad cening uli puri, apan cening nyembah mémén cening.” “Inggih yén asapunika.” “Beneh, jani cening dadi Pasek Tutuan, suud dadi Dewa Agung, dadi Pasek Tutuan jani. Cening tara dadi ngajeng jukut timbul, krana kéto, yén ngajeng bin pidan numitis, pabronyot, boncol-boncol awak ceningé!”
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The story of I Berit Kuning

“Now you (my child) must sever your relationship with me, your father, in the Puri. You are finished in the Puri … go from the Puri .. and go and pay homage to your mother only.” “Very well … if that is how it is to be.” “Fine … now you have become Pasek Tutuan … you no longer have the title of Dewa Agung …. now you are Pasek Tutuan. And you may not eat timbul* because .. if you eat it … when you are reborn your body will be covered with large pimples and boils.”

  • a kind of breadfruit

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