• careless; negligent; careless, lazy; not fulfilling obligations (Verb)
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Ngilangang kenyelné, murid-muridé gendang gending menék gunung. Anginné nyirsir dingin nlusup tulang. Jalan ané entasin belig, makejang ajak tragia, tusing bani macanda. Ngeléng utawi ngléwa bisa makada labuh. Demen murid-muridé ningalin dusuné. Uling ba duwur tinglis tingalina umah kramané di padukuhan. Pasihé masih ngenah uling di bongkol gunungé. Di sisin alasé enu bet, kedisé nguci sahasa ngaturang panganjali tekén murid-muridé ané teka lakar nandur taru. Neked di tengah alasé, makejang ajak tangkejut. Alasé gundul. Uling di sisi ngenah bet nanging di tengah alasé benyah.
[example 1]
To overcome fatigue, the students sang songs on their hike up the mountain. A cold breeze chilled them to their bones. The way was slippery and the students took care, not willing to make light of the situation. If they were to lose concentration they were liable to fall. The students were happy to see the rural environment. From above, the houses of the village were clearly visible. The sea itself was visible from the base of the mountain. On the edge of the thick, still verdant forest, birds sang as though they were communicating with the students on their way to plant trees. On arriving in the forest they were all surprised - the forest had been clear felled! From outside of the forest all appeared verdant but once inside, the forest had been devastated.

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