• keep; wait (so that you are safe or no interference) (Verb)
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Neked jumah Luh Ayu Manik mulisah. Marawat-rawat alasé benyah. Tusing kapineh unduk alasé kagalgal. Apabuin ané kagalgal hutan lindung. Polisi hutanné kija? Tusing ada polisi ngijengin posé. Uling nyumunin mamula kayu kanti majalan mulih tusing ada polisi hutan majlawatan. Pemerintah masih ngelah Polisi Pamong Praja, singké ada patroli kemu? Ada kenehné nylibsib ka alasé. Ia dot nawang kasujatian ané ngalgal alasé. Yén suba tawang gelis laporang ka polisi apang polisiné ada bukti ngejuk malingé.
[example 1]
On arriving home, Luh Ayu Manik was worried. She was still haunted by the vision of the devastated forest. She couldn't believe the fact that the forest had been clear felled. What's more, the clear felled forest was a protected forest. Where were the forest police? There were no police manning the posts. From the time the students began planting til they left for home no forest police had been sighted. The government also had forest rangers (Polisi Pamong Praja) – weren't they supposed to patrol there? She had a desire to enter the forest. She wished to know who it really was that was felling the trees. If she found out she would report them immediately to the police so that, with this evidence, action could be undertaken to apprehend the culprits.

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