• melon (Cucurbitaceae): melon about 20 cm. long and 11.5 cm. max. diameter. Tapers toward attached end. Green mottled with white (Noun)
  • sixteen stripes run lengthwise between two ends, most visible at large, free end. Rind thin and peels easily. Seeds flat, small, and white. Flesh greenish near skin to almost white in center. Used to make the drink called seterup In spite of the name it is not a cucumber, although it looks sort of like a very large cucumber. The leaves are more or less oval shaped, whereas those of cucumber, Cucumis sativa, have rough borders and are lobed. (Noun)
  • cucumber (Noun)
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

[PROVERB] Panak-panakan ketimun puput daara.
[example 1]
[Literally] Children of a cucumber are eaten at the end. If a man has a girlfriend he may introduce her as his daughter or his niece. But, in the end he marries her.

Ketimun utawi buah timun dados anggen ngubadin lan nyegah muane apang tusing jerawatan.
No translation exists for this example.

[PROVERB] Ketimum pait
[Literally] Bitter cucumber or paya, another word for bitter melon. Paya rhymes with semaya which means promise, so you can say kitumun pait to mean a promise.

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