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Iga babi panggang ubud.jpg
Iga celeng mapanggang. Yening ida dane demen sajaan ngajeng be celeng, niki ajengan patut ida dane coba. Ajengan niki kasohor pisan ring turis-turis sane malali ka Ubud. Rasannyane melenan pisan sareng iga celeng panggang ring tongos lianan sajebag jagat krana basa-basa ne kaangge. Ida dane ngidang numbas iga celeng panggang puniki ring warung-warung.
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Roast Pork Ribs. If you like eating pork, then this dish is well worth trying. It is a very popular dish among tourists who come to Ubud. And the taste is different from roast pork ribs in other places because of the spices used. You can buy roast pork ribs at roadside food stalls.

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  1. Teks dan foto oleh: Gede Julius, https://www.facebook.com/gde.julius