• piece of wood to throw or with which to hit something
  • wood stick
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Lelipi ngalih gegitik.
e; literally: esnake that looks for a clube; referring to a bad person who seals his own fate by being caught; expression: enganggar gegitik gede; literally: eraise a big sticke; refers to someone who is afraid to talk about someone of high status

Lelipi ngalih gegitik.
[example 1]
A snake that looks for a hammer. [proverb] This is said of a thief that is finally caught. Someone who does a bad thing, for example steals, often blames the bad deed on someone else. Hence he is a snake. But, in so doing, since he himself is involved, he is, in effect, sealing his own fate, because he will eventually be caught in the deception.

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