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  • this part is then covered by an overlapping layer of tied ambengan en
  • word comes from gelik, meaning a round stick. en
  • small decorative hoop that is sewed into place just below the rim of some kinds of baskets en
  • also refers to the strip of wood that is used to tie the long grass (ambengan) that is used on a thatched roof en
  • the grass is bent upwards over a piece of wood called jejalon, then bent all the way back over itself en
  • the gegilik is placed on top of the short ends of ambengan and tied all the way through the roof so as to secure the ends en
  • lingkaran dekoratif kecil yang dijahit ke tempatnya tepat di bawah tepi beberapa jenis keranjang (Noun) id
  • semacam kayu bundar yang digunakan untuk memasang ambengan atau alang-alang untuk dijadikan atap, bagian ini kemudian ditutup oleh lapisan ambengan yang tumpang tindih (Noun) id
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Alus mider
Alus madya
Alus singgih
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Gegilik pisan batuné puniki misi macawang barak
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